Information regarding Covid-19

Our main priority is the safety of our guests and staff and therefore we want to inform you about our work to reduce the spread of the infection.
We will be open as usual with strengthened routines for cleaning and hygiene and at this time we consider it to be safe for all of our guests and staff to maintain normal operation.
We follow the guidelines and recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Sweden and local health care authorities and have adapted our working method accordingly:

• The guests are advised to keep their distances by the visible signs and markings on the floors in all of the shared spaces
• The guests are encouraged to use hand sanitizer provided in the lobby, front desk, bar, restaurant and conference rooms

• In addition to our usual cleaning liquids, we now also use surface disinfection with 70% ethanol that effectively removes viruses, including Covid-19
• Hotel rooms, cabins and common areas such as conference rooms and toilets are cleaned thoroughly and disinfected according to strengthened safety routines
• Frequently used surfaces such as door handles, card terminals, elevator buttons as well as the front desk and bar counter is disinfected according to strengthened safety routines several times a day

Front desk
• Plexi glass dividers are set up at the front desk between the guests and the staff
• Key cards are disinfected before given out to a new guest

Restaurant / Bar
• Plexi glass dividers are set up at the bar between the guests and the staff
• We seat the guests at tables with appropriate distance between each party
• Tables and chairs are disinfected between each party
• The guests are encouraged to use hand sanitizer before entering the buffet and we use tray trolleys on which the guests place their tray to reduce contact with the staff
• Standing at the bar is not allowed, only when ordering

Relax / Lounge ”Älven”
• A maximum of 20 guests are allowed in these two venues at the same time

• The staff has strict routines for hand hygiene in connection with kitchen work, meals and toilet visits
• The staff are encouraged to use hand sanitizer continuously during their work shift
• The staff keep the recommended distance from colleagues and guests
• The staff who is handling food is encouraged to always wear plastic gloves
• The staff with a cold, experiencing sore throat, fever or cough will stay at home – even if symptoms may be considered mild
• The staff are advised to avoid large gatherings on their spare time


• Wash your hands often with soap in warm water and for 30 seconds – a good complement is to
also use hand sanitizer
• Cough and sneeze in your elbow
• Keep hands away from eyes, nose and mouth
• Avoid hand contact with others
• Keep the recommended distance from other guests and the staff

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