Privacy policy

Within Hotell Storforsen AB (company reg. no. 556497-1082) we process personal data of employees, suppliers, guests, and other users who use our services.

We take measures to protect the privacy and personal integrity of each person and comply with the currently applicable legislation aimed at protecting you as an individual.
Hotell Storforsen AB is the data controller with respect to the services. “Personal Data” refers to all information that can be linked directly or indirectly to a living person. We strive to maintain a high level of protection for your privacy and use personal data primarily for the purpose of managing, providing, developing and maintaining our services.

By submitting your personal data to us and accepting the applicable terms and conditions, you consent that your personal data will be processed in accord with the respective service and in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Changes to our Privacy Policy are announced by publishing the new Terms and Conditions on the Hotell Storforsen AB website, and we recommend that you regularly review these.

1. Collection and processing of personal data
Hotell Storforsen AB collects and processes your personal data, i.e. information that can identify you as an individual only to the extent as permitted by law. Collection and processing may occur when making a reservation, signing up for a newsletter subscription, leaving a guest questionnaire, signing a contract, etc. In situations where it is required by law, a separate consent will be obtained from you.

2. The information we collect and how we use your personal data
We only collect personal data that is relevant to the purposes described in the special terms and conditions of each service and our Privacy Policy. The information we collect includes, for instance, details such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address, user history, information about your traveling companions, booking references, payments, employer, contacts in emergency situations, special dietary requirements, personal preferences, and other information that you have chosen to submit to us.

The primary purpose with our collection and processing of personal data is so that we at Hotell Storforsen AB can fulfil our commitments agreement you have entered into with us, along with being able to improve the experience for you individually.

Hotell Storforsen AB uses Personal Data to:
• Manage, provide, further develop and maintain the services,
• Process your bookings and orders of the Services (in accordance with the booking terms and conditions)
– Once you have made a reservation with us, we use your Personal Data to send out a booking confirmation, important information about your upcoming stay, and special offers related to the stay. Such mailings will be made to the e-mail address you provided in connection with your booking.
– During your stay with us, we may send out information via e-mail/SMS to the e-mail address and/or mobile number provided in connection with the booking. Such information may be, for instance, about available SPA times, important information prior to your stay, or simply a reminder of your reservations at the restaurant.
– It may also occur that after the stay we send you a questionnaire, where we ask you to answer questions about your stay; this is in order to assist us in making our services even better. We may also send an e-mail where we thank you for your stay with us, and send out (within the following 120 days) to market special offers and services that we think you might be interested in.
– Manage and register the purchase of gift certificates and vouchers
• Diagnose faults/problems, optimize the technology and contact you in case of problems with a booking or provision of the Services,
• Analyze and improve the quality of – and experience with– our Services, individualize the communications with you regarding our Services e.g. by creating a profile for you and sending special offers that fits in with your profile as a user of our Services,
• Analyze statistics and user behavior concerning our Services,
• Increase your benefit from and experience with of our Services in other ways that we think you would appreciate, or promote services and products, directly or not, including behavioral marketing.

3. Retention and transfer of personal data
Your personal data will be retained for the period of time required in order to fulfil the objectives and purposes as specified in this Privacy Policy. Hotell Storforsen AB deletes personal data in accordance with applicable law, and deletes or removes or identifying information from personal data when the purpose of the processing of the personal data is no longer present. In the determination of the period during which your personal data will be retained, we will in consider in particular the requirements for retention periods as required by law, recommendations of public authorities, standard industry practices and possible guarantee/warranty commitments. If you have provided consent for a subscription to our newsletter, your contact information will be retained as long as you yourself choose to continue receiving the newsletter. However, the data will not be retained longer than is necessary taking the purpose of the processing into account.

Hotell Storforsen AB retains personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy and applicable legislation.

Hotell Storforsen AB uses subcontractors, for instance for computer operations and in such instances personal data may be transferred to these subcontractors. Hotell Storforsen AB may otherwise disclose your information to third parties such as the police or other public authority in the event of an investigation of a crime or if Hotell Storforsen AB is otherwise required to provide such information by law or decision of a government authority.

4. Security, protection and deletion of personal data
Hotell Storforsen AB has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures so as to protect your Personal Data against loss, manipulation or unauthorized access. We continuously adapt our security measures to ongoing technical developments.

5. Other applications / websites
The services may contain links to other applications and/or websites that are not controlled by Hotell Storforsen AB. We are not responsible for the contents of linked applications/websites and the collection/processing that may occur by owners or operators of such linked websites.

6. Cookies
It may occur that Hotell Storforsen AB collects information on our digital services via the use of cookies. Cookies are simple text files stored on your computer or mobile device by a website’s server. Read more about what cookies we use in our Cookies Policy below. Under Settings on your web browser, you can read how to clear, block, and manage your cookies. If you choose to block cookies, it may result in that certain sections of the website are inaccessible or do not work properly.

7. Change, delete and review your personal data
Hotell Storforsen AB will correct or delete incorrect or incomplete information, either upon your request or if Hotell Storforsen AB itself detects such a situation. If your personal data changes, please inform us by sending an e-mail to – write “Personal Data” in the subject line.

You are entitled to request, at any time you want and without charge, that Hotell Storforsen AB not process your Personal Data for marketing purposes or withdraw your consent to this by sending an e-mail to – write “Personal data” in the subject line.

You also have the right to receive, without charge, a registry extract or transcript that shows the personal data about you that is being processed. The request is to be made in writing to the address under item 9. The note must contain your name, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address (which has been used in communications with Hotell Storforsen AB) as well as a photocopy of your ID card. The extract/transcript will be sent to your address as registered in the civil population registry. At any time you want, you may withdraw your consent to further personal processing (however this is non-retroactive). Withdrawn consent does not affect such information that may be processed without consent, i.e., where we have a legal basis.

8. Transfer
If we sell, reorganize or otherwise transfer/assign all or part of our business activities, your Personal Data may be transferred at the same time.

9. Contact
If you have questions, comments or want to file a complaint regarding the processing of your personal data and compliance with the provisions in the Privacy Policy or applicable law concerning data protection, please send a letter to Hotell Storforsen AB , Data Protection Officer, Bredsel 105, SE-942 95, Vidsel.

Last updated: 2019-11-11

Cookie policy

Hotell Storforsen AB’s website uses cookies, in the manner as is explained below. By not rejecting cookies in your web browser and continuing to use the website, you consent to our use of cookies, in the manner as stated in this Cookies Policy, and the underlying processing of personal data (if applicable).

You can change your selection at any time by changing your browser’s settings. Disabling cookies may adversely affect your use of Hotell Storforsen AB’s website.
Visitors to a website that uses cookies to store information are to obtain information relating to:
• That the use of the website will result in cookies being generated.
• What these cookies are used for.
• Who uses the information.
• How cookies can be avoided.
In addition, as a visitor, you consent to the use of cookies, for instance via your browser’s settings, but you are also provided the opportunity to refuse/disable cookies.

What are cookies and what are they used for?
Cookies are small text files that are sent to and stored on your device (mobile, tablet or desktop computer) and are commonly used with Internet browsing. Some are required in order for you to be able to fully utilize the functionality of the website, while others are used to enhance your user experience and facilitate navigation on the website.
There are two types of cookies: persistent cookies and temporary cookies (“session cookies”). Persistent cookies are stored as a file on your device for a longer period of time in order to be able to customize the website according to your preferences, choices and interests. For example, they are used for features that tell you what’s new since you last visited the website. When the expiry date has passed, the cookie is deleted when you return to the website that placed it on your device. Sessions cookies are temporarily placed on your computer drive when you visit the website and are sent between your computer and the server while you visit the website, and then are deleted when you close your web browser. They are used for a variety of purposes, for instance to keep track of which language you have chosen.

Some examples of what cookies can be used for:
• On websites that sell services, cookies are used to make it easy to book or order.
• To register who has visited which pages on a website. This information can then be used to select the proper advertisement or otherwise customize the pages the user can see. Many cookies used for advertising and customized content are third-party cookies.
• Monitor and follow up the web traffic via the use of statistics, in order to improve the website and learn more about different target groups. Many cookies used for statistics are third-party cookies.

The various different types of cookies that are used
The cookies we use usually improve the services we offer you. Actually, some of our services require cookies in order to work, while others simply exist to make our services better for you. In general, we categorize our cookies and their use according to the following:
• Strictly necessary cookies are essential in order to be able to provide our basic services. Our services would not function without these cookies.
• Analysis cookies provide general overview analytical information regarding your usage of our services. Analysis cookies collect information about how users interact with our website and provide us with insight into overall interaction patterns rather than the individual user’s behavior. This information assists us to improve your experience and the experience of others with our website.
• Functionality cookies allow us to save settings, such as your choice of language or if we will pre-fill in your details or not.
• Security cookies make our services and data safe and secure by assisting us to detect fraud and to protect your data. As this is an essential part of our services, these cookies are necessary.
• Marketing Cookies: Advertising cookies collect information about your activities and interest shown on our website, so that we can show you relevant, targeted advertising in third-party channels (search engines, social media, and ad networks)

Cookies & local storage
Picasso: Plattform to make reservations online
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Google Tag manager: Target tracking and analyzing the website
Facebook: Targeted advertismend and remarketing on facebook and affiliated networks
Wordpress: Language support on the website

If you want to avoid cookies
Cookies don’t present a risk of damage or disturbance to your computer, and most web browsers accept cookies automatically. If you nevertheless do not want to allow cookies, you can refuse cookies in your browser’s settings and delete the cookies stored on your hard drive. Alternatively, you can also set your browser to notify you when it receives a request to place a cookie on your hard drive. This way you will have the possibility to accept or reject the cookie. Declining the placement of cookies may result in that the digital services will not function at their its highest capability.

You can see more information about cookies and how to avoid them here:

Consent to the use of cookies
You consent to the use of cookies by Hotell Storforsen AB in accordance with this Cookies Policy by continuing to use the website and having the browser set to allow cookies.

We welcome your questions and/or comments about Hotell Storforsen AB’s Cookie Policy, please send these to

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